How To Request and Work with Imagery

Online working space for the Subscribers is organized on the basis of Scanex Web GeoMixer - a web-cartography application for the access to geodata and geographic information services.  

How to navigate the map in the Map tab

Switch to the Map tab in the main menu 

See the tutorial video to go through the functionality of Open Landscape Imagery Viewer.

Make sure the HD option is on, subtitles are on, also push the full screen button in the lower right corner

  • Check if the WorldView-2 dataset checkbox is on in the Table of Contents right-side
  • Find the areas marked with red color
  • Zoom in the area of your interest to see the boundaries of available satellite images
  • Zoom even more to get the images appear (you may need to wait for a few seconds)
  • Zoom to the maximum extend to see the details

How to apply for images for your Area of Interest?

According to the the terms of the Portal End User License Agreement, only environmental / nature conservation and educational organizations, both governmental and non-profit, are eligible to apply, as well as research institution doing environmental studies. Only non-profit usage of these satellite data will be allowed.

  • Navigate the map with your mouse to find the area of your interest (see Scanex Geomixer Manual in a case of difficulties)
  • Press the Show Tools button in the upper-left corner of the map, then select the Polygon tool 
  • Click on the map to start drawing the boundary of your area of interest 
  • Continue drawing the line by clicking your mouse along the boundary
  • Double-click to finalize the polygon
  • Download your Area of Interest boundary to your computer as a shp- or kml-file - use the button Download Drawings above the layer tree on the right.  Or you can use any GIS program you are familiar with to draw your AOI
  • Fill the Application Form and send your Area of Interest to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Set your project title as the topic of the e-mail.

All application received will be reviewed quarterly. Transparent World will notify you if your application will be accepted.

Area of Interest (AOI) Requirements

All AOI requests must meet the following requirements:

  • Closed
  • WGS84 compliant
  • Decimal degrees
  • Geographic projection
  • One AOI per shapefile submitted
  • Minimum of 4 vertices and a maximum of 1,000 vertices;
  • Minimum width between two sides of the AOI must be 3km.
  • Overlap between strips (in both X&Y dimensions) may be provided at no fee on the condition that such overlap forms no more than two (2) image layers on top of each other.

AOIs must be listed in the order of priority for your proposed crowd-mapping project(s), from higher to lower.

To ensure geographic and thematic diversity of projects supported under the Platform’s pilot phase, the Platform administrator reserves the right to introduce a cap

on the total area of satellite imagery requisitioned per project.

How to create your own online map

You can create your map online in Scanex Web GeoMixer application. To get the full funtionality you need to fill application form 


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