About the platform


The Open Landscape Partnership Platform (OLPP) is a joint initiative of satellite data providers, distributers, value-added processors, and end users across the world aimed at creating a vibrant global community of practice that would significantly expand competent demand for affordable open access to very high spatial and temporal resolution satellite data (2 meters and one month or better) that could be suitable for wide-ranging, sustained non-profit use in the interests of public accountability, transparency and sustainability of land/natural resource management and conservation practices across jurisdictions at a critical landscape, habitat, and hotspot level.


Scanex Research and Development Center, Transparent World (TW), and DigitalGlobe, Inc(DG) are the Platform’s founding partners, in collaboration with NASA, Open Street Map (OSM), University Geoportals Consortium (Unigeo), World Bank (WB), World Resources Institute (WRI), World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Yandex, and various participants of the Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund (CEPF), Global Forest Watch 2.0 (GFW 2.0), Global Tiger Initiative (GTI), Global Snow Leopard Initiative, and Save Our Species (SOS) program. Other interested partners are strongly encouraged to join the Platform!


The Platform’s pilot phase (September 2013-August 2014) will build and analyze a geographically and thematically diverse portfolio of crowd-mapping projects for critical landscapes and conservation hotspots to be implemented by the Platform’s subscribers on the basis of their free web access to available very high-resolution satellite imagery targeting their declared Areas of Interest.


In the pilot phase, Scanex is providing an initial data grant of 2.25 million square kilometers (0.87 million square miles) of WorldView-2 satellite imagery (see specs here) acquired from DigitalGlobe under special license terms for non-profit environmental use. Transparent World is operating the Platform and its portal as per the agreement between DigitalGlobe and Scanex

What’s in it for Me

Subscribers to the Platform’s pilot phase will get free (no cost) password-protected web access to available WorldView-2 satellite imagery for the stated Area of Interest, online mapping tools, and designated server space. Subscribers will be able to use these assets to develop and document their own crowd-mapping projects of critical landscapes and hotspots. Subscribers will have to agree to contribute the documented results of their projects (including web maps) to the Platform’s project library that would be publicly available through an online forum for review, analysis and discussion by peer practitioners. 


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