This is a short remote sensing guide for anthropogenic activity as it appears in WorldView imagery

Table of contents

  1. Clear cut and plantation
  2. Clear cut and building
  3. Iron mining
  4. Pollution of water area

Clear cut and plantation

A palm plantation and a clear cut for, obviously, the new plantaion in the Pakchan National Reserve, Maynmar.
WorldView-2, 12.06.2012

Clear cut and building

Logging for following building in Soch district, Russia


Iron mine in Goa, India
WorldView-2, 19.05.2012

Pollution of water area

Industrial discharge of a pollutant into the Mzymta river during Olympic construction in Sochi, Russia
WorldView-2? 19.09.2011

5. Logging in Inact Forest Landscapes, Sumatra, Indonesia

6. Plantationes in ditched mangroves

7. (3) Rig at the border of intact forest. Indonesia, Sumatra.

8 A huge new mine among palm plantations. Indonesia, Sumatra.

9. New clear cuts and ditching for plantations. Indonesia, Sumatra

10. Plantations in ditched mangroves. Indonesia, Sumatra.

11. Clear cut, ditching and plantations of several ages. Indonesia, Sumatra.

12. Clear cuts, ditching and roads. Indonesia, Sumatra.

13.  Mazongshan manganese mine inside snow leopard areal, Subei Co., Jiuquan Prefecture, Gansu

Province, China

14. Mazongshan manganese mine, Subei Co., Jiuquan Prefecture, Gansu
Province, China


17. Oil transfer infrastructure. Yumen, Gansu province, China

18. Dried rivers in 200 km from settlements. In the middle of nowhere (Gansu, China)

19. Slope denudation. Tibet, China.


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